Hyped up on Caffeine

Coffee is life. Seriously I don’t think I could live without coffee. I actually think I could be certified as a caffeine addict: I love coffee ice cream and coffee flavored sweets, if I ever go without coffee in the morning I have a headache by noon,… Let’s just say I have a problem.
You can probably guess then that one of my favorite days here in Italy was my class trip to the coffee roaster!!! We walk inside and are immediately greeted by a barista who makes us all espresso shots (it was my third coffee that day!) It was milder than I was used to from Arezzo, but still exceptionally strong!
We learned so much about coffee on that trip too: everything from the kinds there are to how the beans are chosen and roasted and ground… even the ways it can be prepared! Warning to coffee haters out there: the following might be extremely boring!!
We started by touring the research lab where the owner told us about the two main types of coffee: Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is the “better quality” bean which makes up 70-80% of world coffee, growing slower, in higher altitudes, and with more shade. It, in contrast to the Robusta, can be used by itself to make high quality coffee, while the Robusta needs to be mixed to taste good. The Robusta also differs in that grows much larger (hence “Robust”) in higher humidity, giving it a very large caffeine content, and taking up 20% of the world market.
Next, our class found out a disgusting fact about coffee: if it has too much humidity it can become overcome by bugs!
*bug picture*
Um gross. Fortunately though, they only tend to grow on a special type of bean called “Monsoon coffee,” for which they found a solution and don’t tend to have that problem anymore. But just to be sure, the roaster does a check of every single bean that goes into their coffee. They check the size, the level of oxytoxins, the humidity… they even practice roasting the beans!! It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen, and I loved the rest of the tour!
We saw the roasting machine, the giant sorting vats, and the automatic packaging apparatus! The most fun thing though? In the middle of the warehouse there were bags and bags and bags of beans stacked all together which we got to climb… like a jungle gym. I felt like a 6 year old again which, let me tell you, is no easy task when you are taking organic chemistry in a month! God I love coffee!​

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